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Cap Forge is simple but powerful. I love the idea that you use an average day at your restaurant and extrapolate the data accordingly over days and months and high and low seasons. It made my predictions accurate and most importantly, it allowed me to defend my plan with real life situations that my investors loved. My restaurant was funded for this reason and we open in April of 2012. Thanks, CapForge.

John R. MARCH, 2012

Product Overview

  Complete Restaurant Success Kit $147.00    

Our Complete Restaurant Success Kit includes the business plan, the financial software, the plan packaging guide, the operations guide, the funding manual and more. It goes way beyond the plan and financial statements to actually show you how to create a complete restaurant funding package with all the critical elements required to actually get the money you want. Over 10,000 copies sold since 2002!
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Product Contents

Restaurant Business Plan Portion:

Restaurant Financial Software Package Portion:

Restaurant Business Plan Kit Extras:

See details on the contents of all our guides and manuals here.

RestaurantFunds Packages
Features & Benefits

The features of the restaurant package are all listed above. The benefits however are another story...

The money you need to open the restaurant of your dreams is available- right now- if you know how to go and get it.

That is the real benefit of using our program- you get the money to open your restaurant.

Now as you may know, writing a great business plan is the first step, and there are two reasons for that:

  1. To make sure you have a solid strategy for success;
  2. To raise the money that allows you to go down that path.

and we can help you create your plan all in one weekend or even less!

You've probably already spent some time thinking about how you want your restaurant to be, how exciting it will be when you open the doors and the rush of pride and excitement as your first guests get their food and your register rings up those sales turning your dream into tangible profits.

There are some details to work out between here and there of course but we walk you through all of them step by step.

We help you figure out answers to all the important questions you need to think through to complete a solid, fundable plan.

You know there's always more than one way to do anything.

We don't claim to have the only way of raising money for your restaurant or the only software for creating a business plan and financials- but we think that we are offering by far the Best Value.

For example, you can do all this yourself- which might seem to be free of cost- but the average time it takes most people to complete a business plan at 10 hours per week is 3.5 months!

Even if you only value your time at $10 an hour (and most of us go considerably higher), that's over $1400 of effort!

And that's just the written part- which is really the least important part overall.

And not everyone is good at writing, or doing balance sheets and income statements. Not to mention figuring out all the details that those things require, or knowing exactly what the money sources are going to be looking for.

But we do know all those things, and that's what we are offering you- our expertise, all in one complete, easy to use package!

But for the sake of comparison, here are some of the most popular alternatives you may have seen:

PaloAlto Business Plan Pro + Entrepreneur Magazine Startup Manual

PlanWrite Business Plan Software

Quick Plan

Hiring a Consultant

At this point you may be asking- what's all this about "restaurant specific"...

"Restaurant Specific" & Why You Should Care

You probably noticed we made a point of saying that some of the options above are not made only for restaurant business plans. In fact, only two are made especially for restaurants, aside from us.

Why does it matter?

Trying to create a strong, fundable restaurant business plan from something that needs to be adaptable enough to cover everything from plans for a dairy farm to a construction firm is going to require a lot of customizing on your part. And there is a lot you need that it can't do well, or sometimes at all.

To create a plan for a restaurant that looks like it was made for a restaurant, and has intelligent and relevant information specific to launching and operating a restaurant, it makes sense to use a tool that was built just for that job, and only that job.

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Included Manuals & Guides

A Complete Restaurant Operations Education

You will learn more from the Restaurant Operations Guide than 6 months in the restaurant business will teach you! It alone is worth the cost of the complete kit as you will learn how to attract customers, how to hire the best workers, how to manage your manager, how to plan your menu and a ton of other critical lessons in running a profitable, successful restaurant.

You will likewise learn more about getting a loan from our loan info section than from making 10 trips to ten banks. You will learn the inside info on how to make the most of your loan package, and how to get to "yes" with the least amount of effort.

Opening a restaurant is a whole process, with many different tasks you must complete- it about learning a whole new business from inside out and in a short amount of time. The best way to do this is to absorb the knowledge of the people who have already been there and learned the hard way- no need to reinvent the wheel!

By ordering this package you will be very well prepared on all the different challenges you will face- writing a plan, creating the financials, and learning everything you need to know about running your new business. You won't find this complete set of knowledge and tools anywhere else.

Restaurant Funding Guide

You will never lack for startup cash once you've read this A-Z guide on all things business financing. This guide covers everything, including how to handle difficult situations such as having bad credit or even a bankruptcy on your record, not having bar experience (something lenders require is experience but we explain how to get around that), how to start up even if you have no cash of your own to invest, and every other financing related issue you can think of is covered here.

SBA Loan Guide

SBA loans are not as complicated as many people think but there are also certain "tricks of the trade" you need to be aware of to dramatically increase your chances of getting a loan, including what kind of bank to talk to and what time of the month to go (yes, it matters!) and this guide will explain all of that in detail so you can be one of the people who gets to hear YES from the bank!

Buying a Business Guide

In many cases the easiest and least expensive way to get started in the restaurant business is to take one over from someone else and then make it over into the business you want. This guide covers all the in and outs of buying a business including how much to pay (never mind what the seller is asking) and how to check out the business thoroughly so you know exactly what you are getting into with the acquisition.

Theft Prevention Guide

Don't be one of those owner's whose employees are getting rich and customers are eating and drinking for free while you struggle to pay the bills and make ends meet! It happens all the time even to smart owners but it can be easily fixed and the answer is more than just cameras and never taking a day off. Put these simple systems into place from day one and never have to sweat whether or not the cash draw is going to be light at the end of the evening.

Restaurant Marketing Guide

This is a collection of key articles on how to draw business to your restaurant and keep it coming, including using PR for free publicity, creating a loyalty program, generating buzz, creating theme nights and many more ideas you can use to draw customers like bees to honey and never have a slow day.

Business Plan Consulting & Review

With this option, you get one of our professional restaurant consultants to review your plan and financials to help you uncover and fill in any gaps, holes, problem areas or other stumbling blocks they can find that might stand between you and success.

To get the complete scoop on how it works, what's included and all the rest, please check out our full restaurant business plan review and consulting page.

Considering the practically give-away price of this offer should be a no-brainer, but you be the judge once you've read the description!

Unlimited Support Details

The support we offer is very simple- just email us your questions and we will get back to you fast- usually within 24 hours or less but sometimes within just a few hours or less.

One of the most common things we hear is "You got back to me so quickly!" We take pride in that.

We don't use a complicated ticket system or make you fill out a long form- just email us direct.

And, you can ask us anything- about the software, your plan, the financials or anything at all to do with starting a restaurant of any kind. The person who replies will have extensive real world restaurant experience- we don't have any low paid customer service people who just answer emails and don't know anything.

Once you buy something from us we consider you a customer for life and we will answer as many questions as you have for as long as you have them. Period.

Want to test us? Send us an email right now and see A) how long it takes us to respond, and B) how helpful and personal the response is. We know you are going to be pleasantly surprised. And that's before you're a customer!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to make the very best products possible and then provide the very best support to go with them. If you don't feel like the product meets that standard you are free to return it for a full refund.

You can return it up to one full year after the purchase date.

Place your order now right now knowing that it is totally risk free. Either the product works for you or you can return it. Period.

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