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The Difference Between Restaurant Service and Restaurant Hospitality

The article below has an interesting point about the difference between restaurant service and restaurant hospitality.

Having excellent service means that they get your order right, they describe the specials correctly and they don’t forget to come back to refill your water and make sure your food came out okay.

Hospitality on the other hand is that extra X factor that makes you think to yourself “I really enjoyed myself today and I’m sure I’ll be back soon”.

The fact is of the two hospitality is much more important.

Think about your own life where you may go over to a friends house to have dinner. The food may only be okay and no one may offer to refresh your drink but you still have a great time because you with your friends and you enjoy yourself and that’s what makes it such a great experience.

If you can duplicate that in a restaurant setting where people really enjoy themselves because the hospitality of the staff that quality will trump importance of the food or the service or the decor or any other factor you may be judged on.

The trick is teaching your staff hospitality is much harder than teaching your staff teaching your kitchen how to produce great food. The article makes a point of explaining how when they hire restaurant staff they specifically look for traits in  the people they hire that would lead them to think they will be good at offering hospitality to the customers with the assumption that they can teach them everything else they will need to know.

This is an important distinction to understand if you can work out how to build hospitality into your restaurant business plan and make it a core value your restaurant will be off to a fantastic start in your competition will know what hit them.

The belief that the customer should come first rules the restaurant industry, but New York restaurateur Danny Meyer disagrees.

Meyer, owner of popular Manhattan restaurant Union Square Cafe and the global chain Shake Shack and author of a book about his experiences as a restaurant owner, gave a talk on the importance of hospitality in the restaurant industry to a crowd of over 100 Yale students and community members at the Whitney Humanities Center auditorium on Monday. During the lecture, Meyer shared the principles that he believes led to his restaurants’ high levels of success.

Meyer said he first realized the power of hospitality to boost a restaurant’s popularity about 15 years ago with the release of that year’s New York Zagat Survey, an annual ranking of the top restaurants in New York City according to diners. The survey features three categories — food, décor and service — and also provides a list of the top five restaurants in New York. Though Meyer said he was thrilled that diners ranked his Union Square Cafe as their third favorite restaurant overall in the city that year, he was puzzled that it managed to achieve such a high ranking since its food ranked 12th, its service ranked 11th and its décor ranked 65th.

“There must have been something that the Zagat didn’t ask about that we must have scored off the charts on,” Meyer said. “We finally figured out that that was hospitality.”

He then explained that good hospitality starts with a restaurant’s staff. In hiring employees, Meyer said, his restaurants look for people with high “hospitality quotients,” which are defined by what he referred to as six core emotional skills — kindness, curiosity, work ethic, empathy, self-awareness and integrity.

Employees are a top priority for Meyer, who said he values them over his customers.

“We were actually putting our staff in front of our customers,” he said. “We learned that if we really wanted to have great customer satisfaction, you would never put them first. You want to make sure that the people who are coming to work love their jobs and love working with each other so much that they are naturally going to do a better job of taking care of our guests.”


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