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Rubio’s Names New CEO

There is no particular reason why the fact that Rubios has named a new CEO is news on this blog except for the fact that reviews is where I got my start in the restaurant business as a manager. So I still have some fairly sharp memories of my experiences there and everything I learned about how to run a successful restaurant operation.

At the time I didn’t appreciate just how much I was learning or how valuable it would be in my later life but in hindsight that is clear to me now. It is also amazing to me just how much that restaurant chain has grown and developed for my time there.

They have had their ups and … Keep reading

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Mexican Restaurant Business Plan Tips

Creating a Mexican restaurant business plan is really no different than working on any other type of restaurant business plan but there are few things to keep in mind, or at least consider, when working on starting a Mexican restaurant.

The first thing to keep in mind is whether or not he will be feeding people who are used to traditional Mexican food or whether your customers will largely be people accustomed to the American version of Mexican food. These are definitely not the same menu items.

Americans tend to like things less spicy than traditional Mexican cooking and they are more familiar with some of the staple items such as tacos and burritos and less likely to be interested … Keep reading

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