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Restaurant Marketing: A Rifle, NOT A Shotgun

The problem with marketing that is easy is that it usually is not very effective. It’s easy to sign up for a monthly ad in the local coupon mailer- but how many of those come back and of the ones that do how many turn into regular customers?

It’s easy to sign up for Groupon- but how well did that work out for you? Probably not well.

It is harder to create a marketing plan that acknowledges exactly who your best customers are likely to be and the best way to reach them with the best offer. But that is how you are going to get your best return on investment and make a significant dent in your growth … Keep reading

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Restaurant Marketing Myths and Mistakes

There are so many “good ideas” thrown out about restaurants which are nothing of the kind and lots of “rules of thumb” that won’t help you nearly as much as you would like. The following article exams some core restaurant marketing myths and mistakes and I will add my own two cents (OK, maybe more like $1.50!) to the discussion on where I think it goes really right and also where it may diverge from my own thoughts and experiences on the subject.

Traditional Restaurant Marketing Plans go like this:

The usual process goes like this: a location is obtained, menu created, hiring done, build-out completed, then a couple weeks before the opening, everyone gathers to talk about how to … Keep reading

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