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Software to Get the Money You Need to Start the Restaurant You Want- Now!

Success Story- Starting a Restaurant Food Truck

It’s not clear how long the restaurant food truck craze will last and whether or not it’s a fad that will die off in a few years or whether it is truly here to stay. But what is for certain is that right now it’s hot and people are spending more time starting mobile food restaurant businesses and eating out at them than they ever have in the past.

Below is yet another story of a successful entrepreneur who launched a food service business out of a converted construction truck and is now doing great business selling a simple menu of quality food to a growing customer base.

The appeal of the food truck business is obvious. It offers a much lower startup costs and allows a restaurant entrepreneur to start with a simpler menu and without the constraints or expense of outfitting a building location. It also offers the opportunity to serve a large variety of customers and not take the risk on the attractiveness of the fixed single location.

Of course there are downsides as well- the biggest being that at least with a single truck your operation will never become very large or able to support much of a bottom line. You will also be more restricted by the weather and I would suspect that as more and more food trucks launch into operation there will also be more and more regulation as to how and where they can operate.

Probably the best bet for launching your own mobile food catering operation is to come up with a slightly unique twist on a popular food, keep the menu simple and provide a friendly service and a smile when you’re handing out the food.

You also have to make sure that you can cook and serve your items quickly because people expect to be able to walk up to be handed their food at almost the same time rather than being forced to wait in a long line or stand around waiting for their name to be called.

Another tactic to keep in mind is to make prominent use of a website and send out alerts to your loyal customers about where you are going to be and when so they can meet you there and ensure that your business stays busy. If you can do all these things you may very well have a bright future starting your own mobile restaurant business.

A lot of hard work has quickly paid off for Dominic Chacon. The 23-year-old culinary student at St. Philip’s College successfully opened his first restaurant on wheels — Toastie Buns.

Chacon says he used to joke about converting his father-in-law’s construction truck into a food truck.

“I told him I wanted to cut a hole in the side of it, and he was like ‘What, cut a hole in the side of it?’” Chacon says.

He inherited the truck in November 2008 after his father-in-law’s death and started converting it into a food truck, although, at the time, he didn’t know what he was going to do with it.

The conversion took six months, and Chacon wanted to prepare a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches, inspired by Melt in Ohio. He decided to simplify and make burgers.

“At a food truck, on the other side of the window, I see a different type of crowd. It’s a foodie crowd.”

Several groups of customers have commented about how they used to drive to Austin once a week to try food trucks, but now they don’t have to.

The restaurant has a small menu for now, serving basic burgers with a choice of toppings and cheeses. Chef’s specials offer the New Mexican, a burger with Hatch green chiles; a veggie burger made with a portobello mushroom; and the Wakin’ Bacon, a bacon and egg sandwich. Sides options include fresh-cut fries, chips or corn salad.

He already has plans to open two more trucks — a second Toastie Buns and an Italian mobile kitchen.

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