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5 Cleaning Chemicals Restaurant Owners Should Have

The following article is a guest post from Felicia Baratz-Savage who is a writer and graphic artist living in Indianapolis, IN. As a contributor for Cooks & Travel Books, she specializes in travel, culture and education.

As a restaurant owner, you understand the importance of having a clean restaurant. Whether the kitchen is starting to look a little grimy or the dining room floors are in need of a nice once-over, you want to be prepared for any cleaning situation. This blog presents five essential cleaning chemicals you should always have on hand.

  1. Simple Green Degreaser

Degreaser is one of the most important chemicals to have in the restaurant. Chances are your kitchen sees a lot of grease and oil. Sweeping, mopping and even walking can spread grease, creating a larger mess. Simple Green Degreaser contains a mixture of high-grade synthetic penetrants that, when activated by cold or hot water, neutralize the pH levels in the grease, causing it to fall apart and become much easier to clean up.

  1. Comet with Chlorine

No customer likes walking into a dirty bathroom, especially at a restaurant. Most restaurant owners should strive to maintain the cleanest bathroom possible. This is where a product like Comet with Chlorine come in handy: it works to disinfect, deodorize and kill most germs, including salmonella, staph and pseudomonas. And Comet isn’t just for bathrooms; it can be used for many surfaces throughout your establishment to clean and disinfect.

  1. Tough Guy Glass Cleaner

Dirty windows and mirrors in your restaurant can potentially signal that you don’t maintain cleanliness in the rest of your establishment. Keep everything sparkling with Tough Guy Concentrated Glass Cleaner. Other glass cleaners work too, but Tough Guy puts in extra to get rid of any dirt, grime, smoke film and bug stains. This chemical can be used on a variety of glass surfaces, not just windows and mirrors. Take this cleaner to any of these surfaces with a paper towel or cloth and watch the fingerprints and watermarks vanish.

  1. Easy-Off Oven and Grill Cleaner

Your kitchen surfaces obviously need to be clean, but sometimes it’s harder to clean some of the areas that see hard use, like your grills and ovens. No matter the type of restaurant you own and operate, Easy-Off Oven and Grill Cleaner is the cleaning chemical you need to make sure your kitchen is clean and ready for every day. Its grease-penetrating formula plows through any grease—even baked-on—in either warm or cold ovens. Easy-Off works on any oven or grill, so even if you have a large barbeque grill, it has your back.

  1. Glisten and Dishwasher Magic Dishwasher Cleaner

Automatic dishwashers save time and labor, and odds are you rely on one or several to keep your plates and cutlery clean. But how can you clean your dishwasher when it loses its own cleaning ability? Glisten and Dishwasher Magic Dishwasher Cleaner fight the good fight with a high-powered citric acid mixture that takes care of rust, food stains, soap scum and discoloration so your dishwasher can remain pristine as it gets your dishes in the same shape.

It doesn’t matter what kind of restaurant you have — you need it to be in good condition. What cleaning chemicals are you using to keep your restaurant clean every day? Share in the comments section below!

Image courtesy of Elana’s Pantry

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