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4 Tips About Choosing Music for Your Restaurant

There are many companies that offer music for business use, and they can even help create playlists that positively impact your restaurant. However, if you’d like to create this playlist yourself, here are some tips for building the perfect music for your restaurant.

1. Choose the Right Genre
It’s important to choose a genre that reflects the style of your restaurant. Choose something that resonates with your costumers or the customers that you are trying to attract. For example, one study showed the outcome of switching the playlist from pop music to classical music in a high-class restaurant. This change resulted in a 40% increase in sales. The classical music increased the perceived level of sophistication in the restaurant, which encouraged the customers to buy more expensive drinks. Classical music doesn’t work for every type of restaurant, however. If you own a café, indie music might be a better fit.

2. The Right Tempo
Tempo refers to the speed of a song. Slower music typically makes a span of time feel shorter than faster music. Because of this, slower music will increase the amount of time customers spend in your restaurant, while faster music will decrease that time. So if your goal is to increase table turn, play faster paced music. If you’d like your customers to hang out and buy a second drink, play slower paced music.

3. Maintain a Moderate Volume
Part of the reason people go to restaurants is to socialize. If the music is too loud, it will make it hard for them to hear what their friends or family are saying, and this will result in a bad social experience. Loud music also negatively affects our ability to perceive taste. Keeping music at a moderate volume will maintain a positive experience for your customers, while still allowing you to use it for the atmospheric benefits.

4. Major vs. Minor Key
Major key songs typically sound happier, and they can positively impact a person’s emotional state. Minor key songs, however, have a sadder sound and can put your customers in a poor mood. When customers feel good while eating at your restaurant, they perceive your restaurant in a more positive way and will usually buy more food. For this reason, using major key songs is usually a better way to go.

Music is extremely important for restaurants. Using music the right way can help restaurant owners reinforce an atmosphere, improve customer loyalty, and increase sales. Unfortunately, many restaurant owners choose music they like, as opposed to music that has a positive impact on their business. By following the tips above when building your restaurants playlist, you’ll have an advantage above your competitors when it comes to music and atmosphere.

Guest Post: Nick Rubright is the founder and CEO of Dozmia, a music streaming service that provides background music for businesses. He has a passion for helping musicians in their careers, as well as helping businesses find their sound.

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