restaurant business plan

Your Role in Your New Restaurant Business

Where do you see yourself in the overall restaurant organization that you are planning? Are you the general manager overseeing the entire process? Are you the head chef working in the kitchen design in the menus and overseeing the shopping for the fresh ingredients that will be your signature mark?

Or are you more of a personality who worked the front of the house get to know your gas by name and create the type of atmosphere that will bring people back over and over again?

Whatever role you see for yourself is important in determining what other types of people and other roles you will need to hire for the support of the operation so that everything runs smoothly and all the jobs are taken care of; naturally they will also need to be included in your restaurant business plans.

The People You Know

Make a list of the people you know who can support you in this venture and their particular strengths, job skills or other abilities that you can lean on to help you as you plan your business.

Some of these people may be people that you actually are thinking of partnering with in the venture and others may be people you would consider hiring for some job within the organization and still others may be outside adviser types such as accountants or lawyers.

You will need to build a team around yourself to help you with this process and to the extent that you can use people who also like you and may be willing to work for little or no pay in the beginning is going to be a tremendous help to you. Don't worry if you don't know anyone like this because you can still accomplish your goals you will just have to add to your to do list the item of finding people to help you.


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