Starting a Restaurant From Scratch

For most people who dream of starting a restaurant of their own they are not imagining buying a franchise or an existing restaurant for sale- they are thinking about starting something completely their own.

If you have never done it, however, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Wondering what is involved, exactly? Check out our complete opening a restaurant checklist to see all the steps.

If this is the path you would like to try, then you are not alone. Literally tens of thousands of new restaurants open each year in the US alone. That means that it is not an exclusive club and anyone can do it if they set their mind to accomplishing the goal.

Clearly, though is it not an easy business to be successful in and there is a lot to do to turn the dream into a reality. Interested in learning the true failure rate for restaurants? It's not the 90% figure you often hear in the news- that myth has been debunked. But it is high enough that you should do everything you can to avoid becoming one more statistic.

Read our top five reasons restaurants fail so you won't let yourself fall into any of them.

What Does It Take to be Successful Starting a Restaurant?

Rather than concentrate on failures, however, let's talk about what it takes to be successful in starting a restaurant. The number one way to accomplish that is to make sure you have done your homework first.

First and foremost, that means putting together a solid restaurant business plan package. I don't advocate this just because we happen to sell business plan packages- I advocate this because it is the truth.

I personally hate hearing stories about would-be restaurant owners who end up losing their money and having all their hard work go to waste because they didn't do enough planning when they started. But it happens all the time!

I much prefer to read restaurant success stories about people who worked hard and then saw their hard work pay off when they opened their doors and everything went right!

The thing is- it is not really any harder to plan than not plan but the results are so much better. Why wouldn't you want to plan?

What Planning Means for Starting a Restaurant

The most important aspects of getting your restaurant formula right so you can be successful are all easy to do with a little planning:

By doing some front end planning the back end will be a lot more rewarding and a lot less stressful.

How We Can Help You With Starting a Restaurant

Everything I just mentioned and a whole lot more is included and explained in our restaurant startup packages. But it goes beyond that. You can also contact us with questions.

We offer unlimited support once you buy our products so you are never left in the dark on questions about what to do next or how to finish what you are working on or even how to get started.

You CAN try to do it all on your own but it's a good idea. Why reinvent the wheel? Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and use us as a support system.

Start by reading some (or all!) of the over 200 and counting blog posts we have for free on our starting a restaurant blog.

Then check out any of our extensive other resources on the site (just scroll down the page to see them all) to help you even more with information gathering and planning.

Then, when you are ready to get serious, pick a plan and get started. Whether you start, franchise or buy, you need a business plan to help you make smart decisions and avoid the traps that so many others fall into. Plus, you need a plan to get the money to open.

If you really want to give yourself all the advantage possible, add in our review and consulting service for a ridiculously low price.

Even if you have your own money you should have a plan to spend it wisely. But if you don't, and 95% of restaurant owners don't finance the startup themselves, then you definitely need a plan to be able to get the money to make it happen. We even tell you ways to open a restaurant with no money of your own.

No matter how you go about starting a restaurant we are here to help make it a success!

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