Starting a Restaurant Book

We are hard at work and hope to be done soon on our book Starting a Restaurant- Everything You Need to Know. (Note- this is NOT the same book that is included in the Restaurant Success Kit)

It will be on sale on the website as a downloadable PDF and also at Amazon as both a Kindle ebook and a regular paperback version. Very exciting!

Here are the contents- as you can see- we threw in pretty much everything AND the kitchen sink!

About the Author

Getting Started
Who Can Do It
What Experience Is Required
The Timeline From Start To Opening The Doors
How Much Does It Cost
How Long Does It Take
Do You Need Good Credit
Can You Get Financing
Money Sources For Starting A Restaurant
Working With A Partner In Starting A Restaurant
Building Startup Credibility
Restaurant Risk And Failure Rate Myths
Planing What To Start
Restaurant Trends To Consider
Starting A Franchise Restaurant
Buying A Restaurant Operation

Your Concept
The Goal Of Your Concept
Picking Your Name
Designing Your Concept Based On The Market
How Do You Plan A Menu
How Does Food Cost Factor Into Your Menu
How Does Labor Factor Into Your Menu
What Staff Do You Need
How Does Menu Pricing Factor Into Your Menu
How Do You Find A Location
How Do You Design A Menu
Designing An Interior Look For Your Space
Designing A Logo, Uniforms, Etc.

Your Restaurant Business Plan
Business Planning Versus A Business Plan
Finding Restaurant Advisers
Selecting A Business Form
Finding Legal And Accounting Help
Business Plan Research
Writing Your Business Plan
Writing The Executive Summary
Writing The Concept Section
Writing The Management Section
Writing The Remaining Sections

Your Restaurant Business Financials
Creating Restaurant Financials
Forecasting Sales For Your Restaurant
Forecasting Food Cost
Forecasting Labor Cost
How Much Space Do You Need
Forecasting Marketing Cost
Understanding Maximum Utilization
Understanding The Breakeven Point And How To Get There
Creating A Funding Package
Working With Banks For Financing
Working With Investors For Financing

Getting Open
What Makes A Good Location
How Do You Research Locations
Commercial Leases For Restaurants
Considerations For Building Out Your Space
Designing Restaurant Traffic Flow
Restaurant Sign Considerations
Finding A Contractor For Your Space Buildout
Fire Suppression Systems And Hoods
POS Systems For Your Restaurant
Where Do You Get Equipment
Working With The Health Department
Finding And Signing Restaurant Vendors
Getting A Liquor License
Getting Insurance For Your Restaurant
Your Starting Staffing Issues
Pre-Opening And Soft Opening Plans
Grand Opening Strategy

Restaurant Marketing
Doing Restaurant Marketing Right
Get The Basics Right First
Advertising For Your Restaurant
In Store Promotions
Staff Restaurant Selling
Restaurant Loyalty Programs
Creating A Restaurant Website
Online Marketing For Your Restaurant
Social Media Marketing
Press Releases And Using Pr For Marketing
Personal Experience Marketing
Sponsorships, Charities And Other Tie In Marketing
Theme Nights And Special Promotions Marketing
Parnter Marketing For Your Restaurant
Kids Menus And Selling To Families

Restaurant Management
Managing Staff Successfully
Creating The Right Leadership Culture
Hiring And Training For Best Results
Motivating Staff
Staff Policies And Enforcement
Having A Bar Policy And Staff Policies
Preventing Restaurant Theft
Using A Secret Shopper Program
Creating Processes And Procedures

Restaurant Operations
Restaurant Accounting And Financial Management
Managing Inventory For Maximum Profits
Food Safety Training And Procedures
Adding A Catering Operation
Adding A Carry Out Operation
Restaurant Security

Expanding Your Restaurant Business
Why Bigger Is Better
Expanding By Starting A Restaurant Chain
Expanding By Starting A Restaurant Franchise
Expanding By Starting A Restaurant Group


Whew! That's a lot of ground to cover- no wonder it's not done quite yet.

If you are on our email list we'll let you know when it's done and probably even give out copies at a very reduced price, too.

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