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Learn how to write a restaurant business plan from someone who's actually done it.

You want to open a restaurant. You need money to do it. So, you need a restaurant business plan. It's that simple.

Hi. My name is Matt Remuzzi and I've been a restaurant owner myself and I have gone through the exact same process I'm showing you here.

Let me tell you how I was able to raise the money to get a restaurant myself before I tell you how to do it, so you will know I am speaking from experience and not just wishful thinking.

My Own Success Story

I never started out thinking I could end up owning a restaurant.

I had been a restaurant manager for many years before going back to school to learn about business in general. Once I graduated I got involved in startup consulting.

Since I had experience in restaurants it seemed like a natural fit to use my startup training to help aspiring restaurant owners get started and one of the main areas most new restaurant owners needed help was in creating a solid business plan and the financial forecasts to go with them.

So I got very good at creating plans and doing the numbers but I wasn't able to say I had actually done it myself when clients would ask me about my own restaurant ownership experience.

I still hadn't actually been a restaurant owner myself yet although I'd had every other job in a restaurant and knew the business inside and out.

Planning is one thing but doing it is something else. I wanted the credibility that came from really doing it and not just talking about doing it- not to mention the financial rewards and pride of having accomplished it!

And then I saw the perfect place come up for sale- a place that was doing OK but could be doing much better with the right leadership and management.

The problem was I had nowhere close to the money I needed to buy it myself and no collateral to speak of- I still lived in a tiny two bedroom apartment with a roommate! Everything I owned at the time would have literally fit in three moving boxes.

It was my chance to put my experience and advice to the test- on myself! I created a plan and put together rock solid projections showing I could make the restaurant work and pay back the money I needed. I created a foolproof funding package.

I had to prove I was a good risk. I knew I was but I needed to translate that proof into something I could use to convince others- the ones with the money who would decide my fate.

No Collateral, Not Enough Money, But Plenty of Persistence

After two months of trying, negotiating and some nerve-wracking meetings, and hearing four solid no's (you're too young, you have no collateral, you don't have the right experience, etc.) I was starting to get worried.

At this point the restaurant was constantly in my thoughts and I was even dreaming about it. I knew I could make it happen if I could just get someone to see that I could make it work.

Finally, my faith and hard work was rewarded and my persistence paid off and I found a lender who said yes.

Forty five days later all the paperwork was done and the loan had been approved and cleared and all the rest of the process was complete.

I got a loan for $345,000, and then I was able to negotiate borrowing another $65,000 from the seller as a note against the business to complete the deal and then suddenly I was the proud (and nervous) new owner of a restaurant.

I am living proof that you can start with nothing and still turn yourself into a success. I didn't have a rich uncle, a track record of ownership, an inside connection or a lottery ticket but I still became the owner of a very profitable restaurant business.

Three and a half years later I sold my restaurant, having grown the sales over 50% from the time I bought it and I went back full time to what I enjoyed the most- helping others be successful in their own businesses.

My Experience Can Be Your Experience

Since that time, my plans have gotten much better and my financials are even more thorough. If I had it to do over again I would have been able to get it done much faster with way less stress and worry.

Fortunately, you won't have to do that- you can benefit from my experience without having to go through the learning curve I did.

If you are serious about starting a restaurant, or even just thinking about it, then you need this package.

I've sold over 10,000 copies of our Restaurant Success Kit since then and I'd love to help you get started in your own restaurant, too.

I'll show you exactly what to do and how to do it (and what not to do) so you can get your own restaurant started- soon.

It's not hard, but there are a lot of details and having a step by step plan to follow from someone who has done it makes it a lot easier and faster.

Everything you need, and everything you need to know, is in the package here. And, it's ridiculously cheap, considering what it cost to put together!

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