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Your Key To Bigger Profits

Ask and most restaurants will tell you. The key to their success is upselling. It is one thing to get the sale. It is far better to super-size that sale.

Real profits come when you get the customer to buy a larger or more expensive, item than they originally planne don getting- but without making them uncomfortable or forcing something on them they really don't want.

Upselling is easy if you think of your main business as helping customers. Think about the desires your customers come to you with. They want a great meal- if you can help them improve their experience, and at the same time promote a more expensive or higher margin item, or a complimentary item, such as wine or an appetizer, than you can provide a better experience and boost your bottom line.

Chances are, your customer would enjoy more than the simple meal they first consider. By grouping together several different items, you can give the customer a more advanced package that goes much further toward creating a satisfying solution.

Three Ways To Make Upselling Automatic

Here are three favorite ways to build upselling into any purchase. Use these and customers will buy two or three times as much without even thinking about it.

1. Bundle several related products or services together. Drop the price below what the total would be if the customer bought all the products separately. This is what most quick service restaurants do, but it can work other places as well with a little effort.

You will find many customers just can't resist the bundle bargain. Announce your new bundle with flair. It can pull in orders fast, especially if you advertise to existing and previous customers who already have a good taste for what you offer.

2. "It works fine by itself, but it REALLY works when you add THIS." If that steak will taste better with a fine wine you have, be sure to tell customers about it.

3. If a little worked, a LOT will work even better. You can proote your catering and take out options to your regulars and help them become ven bigger consumers of your restaurant's fare.

Successful upselling needs to be at the core of every business or professional practice. It can instantly multiply your profits. You might well go from just getting by to living comfortably, and from living comfortably to rolling in wealth.

As you can see, super-sizing every order has to do more with planning than with any special selling skill. Get good at fulfilling a need. Then create packages and strategies that sell even more of your solution to each customer.

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