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Restaurant Business Plan Writing

This is a short course to give you a general idea of how to put together a restaurant business plan. For complete info, see details on our restaurant business plan kit, which includes spreadsheets, loan information, and a 100% guarantee.

Executive Summary

The first part of your business plan (aside from the title page and cover, and even before the table of contents) is called the Executive Summary.

This is without a doubt the most imortant part of your whole business plan. Why? This is always the first part anyone reads, and often the only part many of them read.

That means you must spend the most amount of time here, and you need to be especially certain it is free from errors, typos, and grammatical errors, and it must read smoothly and without being long winded or provide too specific of detail.

The point of the executive summary is to give a high level overview of the business, which by reading the person will know exactly what the business does, who it's customers are, why they will come, who the competition is, who is starting the business, and just what exactly the business plan is seeking to accomplish (as in, how much money is it trying to raise).

There are several ways to test the effectiveness of an executive summary. One is to read it out loud. If anywhere along the way you find your mouth stumbling or the sentences sound funny or you don't quite get out what you were trying tosay, this is a place to not and go back and fix.

Another way to test it is to give it to someone else who knows nothing about your business, ask them to read it, then ask them what they got from it. If they can't tell you what you do, who your customers are, who your competition is, why you are better than your competition, and how much you are trying to raise to start or acquire your business, you need to go back and keep working on it.

The executive summary should not be more than three pages, and it is better if it is not mre than two. This is not the place to go into a lot of detail about the business, or list facts they will find later on in the longer sections. Just the highlights. The type should be at least 10 point size, and the typnig should be double spaced.

The point of an executive summary is to sell the project and the rest of the plan. If the summary is unclear, boring, or weak in its presentation, the likelihood of anyone reading farther goes way down. You should never lie in a business plan, but you should definitely present the most favorable case you can for the business, and the main place to do this is in the executive summary.

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