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Going Green at a Burger Restaurant to Bring in the Crowds

And you thought you were doing more to help the environment? Well, check out what these guys are up to:

"With cutlery made from potato starch and plates made from sugarcane pulp, a new eatery has become one of the most environmentally friendly restaurants in the country for its compost-where-possible, minimal wastestream, energy-skimpy approach.

For the guys behind Grille Zone, a burger joint in its third week at 1022 Commonwealth Ave., everything from the buns to the bathrooms has been calculated to be eco-conscious."

With all the competition in the market, it helps to have an edge. This is probably going to make things a little more expensive, but the customers are going to be the ones willing to pay. And if it builds enthusiasm, creates free press and publicity, and draws attention, then the extra effort is worth it.

Do you have any ideas on how to get your restaurant business to stand out from the crowd, and with more than just the food or the prices?

The pay off for a good idea can be a big crowd of hungry customers waiting outside your doors!

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