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Bring Your Own Bottle
Great Marketing Idea

The idea was taken from the Amex Industry Articles section:

Last fall, Wild Blue and Windows on the World, New York, NY, had a BYOB (bring your own bottle) week. They got the idea from a column in The Wall Street Journal that talked about the wines people stash away for special occasions and never open (from their wedding, first trip to Bordeaux, etc.).

The restaurants' sommeliers were on hand to offer opinions and corkage fees were waived. "The response was terrific. Close to 150 people came in, many of whom had never been to the restaurants before," says Inez Holderness, beverage director. "The sommeliers were as excited as the customers, who told some great stories about their wines. We plan to do this event again next fall."

If it works for your location, you might want to give it a try! You don't even need it to be quite so fancy- just make sure your license covers this kind of event. If not, you might think of some other kind of "event" day that you can advertise to draw in new customers and keep old ones excited about what you are doing.

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