RestaurantFunds Mission

Our mission is simple:

To help as many aspiring restaurant owners as possible get their restaurants started right and go on to great successful.

Our plan to accomplish that starts with providing the best information resources we can to help each person create a solid, funable and realistic Restaurant Business Plan Writing and then help them open a restaurant according to that plan.

We feel strongly that as long as every decision we make is in support of mission than we can't go wrong and we won't be sidetracked into unrelated or unprofitable areas of business that aren't part of our core strengths and goals.

If you see a way we aren't living up to the mission or where we can improve we'd love to hear your feedback. After all, if you aren't getting what you need and you are working on starting a restaurant then clearly we can do better!

If you did use our resources and help and are now open for business or soon will be we would also love to hear your story, how things worked out for you and offer you some free publicity!

The bottom line for us is that we will be successful when we help others to be successful. Although that may sound hokey, it also happens to be true!

So we wish all of our visitors and customers the success they are seeking and we sincerely hope to be a part of that success.

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