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Restaurant Logo and Website Considerations

Once you have a name that you are happy with picked out for opening a restaurant and it seems to test well among potential customers in a straw poll of strangers on the street then you can go ahead and spend a little money to have a logo created around the name.

You can easily have this done by using a freelancer you find online for well under $100. It doesn't need to be anything fancy and certainly if you have the skills to do it yourself on your home computer you can do that as well. It doesn't even have to be the final logo that you end up using at the time you open your restaurant but it certainly does benefit your credibility and it makes you look much more established and farther down the road to have something you can present that is not just a name but an actual brand and corporate image that you can show someone that makes it seem as though you have made significant progress towards the opening of your business.

It may seem slightly disingenuous that something as simple as having a logo would give you credibility with investors toward the idea that you've actually established a significant beachhead in the launching of the business but in fact the perception is the reality. When people see that you not only have a name for the business but a logo they tend to be more impressed with your progress and more likely to see you as someone who is taking the process of starting a business seriously and is willing to invest the time and effort it takes to do it right.

Along the same lines establishing a website is a very inexpensive thing you can do it and it is something that will establish significant credibility in the eyes of your potential investors, partners, vendors and future employees.

Start by registering a domain name that corresponds to the name of your restaurant. This will cost you less than $10. Next go back online and maybe even using the same person who designed the logo you can acquire a custom-designed one-page website for well under $100 that will contain your logo and maybe a sample of menu items and a design that will roughly correspond to the general ambiance and theme of the restaurant you're planning to open along with an approximate location if you have in fact established an actual location.

The website can provide a coming soon message along with the date if you've got one or a general idea of the time frame if you don't such as coming soon this fall or just coming soon and finally be sure to include a place for customers to enter their e-mail address so they can get updates and messages as you get closer to your grand opening that will not only alert them to the opening itself but also potentially provide them with coupons or other incentives to come and visit and spread the word about your new business.

Even though the investment in getting these things is quite small the boost they give you when seeking startup funds is huge and really sets you apart from the people who are toting around nothing more than a short business plan or even just a back of the napkin idea. It is well worth your while to use these credibility boosters to your advantage and get your actual restaurant opened that much sooner.


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