Restaurant Logo Design

Your logo is going to play a very important part of your overall restaurant image. So it pays to take some time to get it done right.

Your logo is a visual representation of everything your restaurant offers your customers. Think of McDonald's golden arches or Denny's big yellow and red signs or KFC's image of their founder. These are all highly recognizable and unique images that have become fused in uor minds with the restaurants themselves. But many companies still skimp on developing this key identity piece.

Ideally, your company logo enhances potential customers first impression of your business. A good logo can build loyalty between your business and your customers, establish a brand identity, and provide the professional look of an established enterprise.

Logo Types

There are basically three kinds of logos.

Font-based logos consist primarily of a type treatment- the letters in your name designed in a way that gives them some additional flair- such as the Subway logo.

Then there are representative logos that literally illustrate what a restaurant serves, such as Einstein Bagel's logo that shows both a large bagel and two smaller bagels. They also put the word bagels right in the logo so even if you couldn't tell from the image what it was you would know from the word.

If your restaurant can be fit into a one word category you might want to consider adding it to the logo if it sin't part of your name that way anyone seeing the logo will instantly have an idea of what you are about.

And finally, there are abstract graphic symbols that become linked to a company's brand- such as the Starbuck's mermaid logo- even though the images don't relate to the brand name or what it offers.

Getting Started

Before you begin sketching, first articulate the message you want your logo to convey. Try writing a one-sentence image and mission statement to help focus your efforts. Stay true to this statement while creating your logo.

Think about the type of image you want to convey- professional, fun, cheap, prestigious, etc. Believe it or not, you can use your logo to depict very specific feelings, but you have to plan ahead to know what kind of feelings you want your customers to get from your business.

Here are some additional tactics and considerations that will help you create an appropriate company logo:

Watch Your Colors

One thing you need to be careful of as you explore color options is cost. Your five-color logo may be gorgeous, but once it comes time to produce the menus the price won't be so attractive. Nor will it work in mediums that only allow one or two colors. Try not to exceed three colors unless you decide it's absolutely necessary.

Your logo can appear on a variety of media: signage, advertising, stationery and packaging, to name just a few. Remember that some of those applications have production limitations. Make sure you do a color study. Look at your logo in one-, two- and three-color versions.

Hire a Designer

While brainstorming logo ideas by yourself is a crucial step in creating your business image, trying to create a logo completely on your own is a mistake.

Find a designer who's familiar with restaurant design requirements- don't just the most artistic designer you can find and don't use your cousing who once took a graphics class and has a copy of photoshop.

Even if you have a good eye for color and a sense of what you want your logo to look like, you should still consult a professional designer. Why? They know whether or not a logo design will transfer easily into print or onto a sign, while you might come up with a beautiful design that can't be transferred or would cost too much money to be printed. Your logo is the foundation of all your promotional materials, so this is one area where spending a little more now can really pay off later.

Your designer can provide you with the original digital files in a variety of formats so you can then easily incorporate your logo into everything you need from business cards to outdoor signs without having to go back to them again and again for help.

Using Your Logo

Use it everywhere you can-on business cards, stationery, letterhead, brochures, ads, your Web site and any other place where you mention your company name. This will help build your image, raise your company's visibility and, ideally, lead to more business.

Here are few more things to keep in mind when you review logo designs and consider what kind of image you want your customers to associate with your business:

Most of the time these issues don't come up, but by taking a minute to make sure you aren't going to have any problems, you can easily save yourself the time and headache of having to create a new image or do damage control with the original.

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