Complete Guide to Designing and Building a Restaurant

If you are starting a restaurant from scratch that leaves you a lot of leeway in how it turns out. Whether you take over a space that was previoulsy a restaurant or you build something from the dirt up will further determine how much creative control you have over designing your space.

To a large degree your concept will determine a lot of the decisions for functionality and size. It will dictate the type of equipment you need and the size will determine the amount of space needed for tables in front and storage and work areas in the back. Generally speaking, the more efficient use you can make of your space the better off you will be, since you have to pay for all your space, well used or not. A smaller location that can pack them in is going to make more money than a large open spacious concept with plenty of room for the same number of guests simply because the larger space will be paying a lot more in monthly rent to feed the same number of people.

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