Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a Restaurant and RestaurantFunds Business Plan Packages

Top Five Questions Answered

Question: Is there really money available for restaurants right now?

Answer: Yes. All you have to do is look around you- I am sure you will see new restaurant businesses opening in your area. Trust me- these were not all opened by people who are already independently wealthy!

There is ALWAYS money available when lenders and investors think there is more money to be made. When people tell you there is no money it is simply because they weren't able to convince anyone their plan was solid or that they would be able to make their idea work.

The reason most people get turned down is simple- they failed to demonstrate the credibility required to get funded. They don't understand you need more than a written plan and a good idea. You won't have that problem if you use our Restaurant Success Kit and actually follow ALL the steps.

Virtually everyone we talk with who failed to raise money either tried to shortcut something or just left it out.

It's not rocket science. Just follow the steps. All the steps. And then you will be able to get the money you need, period.

Q: I don't have any restaurant experience or business experience- can I do this?

A: This whole package is made for someone with no experience. If you have experience it will definitely help but we cover everything from the very basics on up so no one will have to struggle to follow our plan or use our software.

Q: My credit is not so hot- will this work for me?

A: Yes. We tell you how you can overcome poor credit. It takes a little more effort, but not much. If you are serious about doing this, bad credit won't stop it from happening.

Q: I don't have much (or any) money of my own to put into this. Can I still get a restaurant started?

A: Money helps, no question. But if you have the desire but not the cash you can still make it work. We give you several very workable alternatives for starting without investing your own money.

Here's a story of a couple of brothers who started a restaurant with just $8,000. That's a couple of credit cards! And we personally helped another guy buy an existing restaurant with just $3,000! Having little or no money won't matter if you are determined to do this.

Here's a blog post on some more of the different ways of starting a restaurant with no money of your own. That doesn't mean you don't need a plan, because you do, and it doesn't mean you don't contribute anything, because you do. It just means there are ways you can open a restaurant of your own without investing any CASH of your own.

Q: This still sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

A: The catch is this will take some work on your part. Your job will be ten times easier with this information, but you are smart enough to know starting a restaurant from the ground up is going to require some work. If you aren't prepared to put in some effort this isn't going to happen for you. But that is true of anything in life, not just starting restaurants!

More of the Most Common Questions:

1) What are my chances of success?

2) What kinds of restaurants will this work for?

3) How much can I raise?

4) How long does the process take?

5) Can I contact some of your past users?

6) Why shouldn't I just do it myself?

7) Why is this better than any of the other products available to help me start my restaurant?

8) What do I get for my money and how much is it?

9) What kind of software am I getting?

10) I don't plan to open a restaurant for many months yet- why should I order now?

11) What have other people said about this product?

12) What is your background and experience in restaurants and capital raising?

13) What are the system requirements to run your programs?

14) What are the ways I can pay for this? What about shipping?

What are my chances of success?

If you've been thinking about opening a restaurant you've probably already heard the old adage that 80% of them fail, and that can be a little troubling for an entrepreneur staking a life savings and a life-long dream on opening one. Even if it is strictly a business investment, no one wants to face only 1 in 5 odds of success. And it is true that many new restaurants fail. The good news is that the reasons that restaurants fail tend to be not only predictable, but preventable- just read our FREE Report!

With our Restaurant Success Kit, we greatly increase your chances of success, and with absolutely no risk to you. This is because we help you identify all the potential risks that can keep your new restaurant from being a success, and avoiding them before they happen. And that means not only in the planning and launching stage, but also after the money is raised and the restaurant is open. The first year is a critical time for your new venture, and our information will let you run things as though you had years of industry experience, instead of being a complete beginner.

So, while it is hard to say exactly what your chances are (only a liar will tell you differently), you can rest assured they are much greater with the right information and plenty of money at hand to get you through than if you don't have those things. And if you can't raise the money, you haven't lost anything, including the cost of our program!

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What kinds of restaurants will this work for?

This will work for any type of restaurant (fast food, mid market, fine dining, mobile concept, coffee shop, restaurant and bar, ethnic, etc.) situation you may be considering: a franchise, the purchase of an existing restaurant, or the launch of a brand new concept. Our information will help you weigh the pros and cons of each if you haven't already decided, and both the business plan and financial packages are designed to meet the needs of any of the three options, depending on what your needs are.

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How much money can I raise?

You can raise as much as you need! It is foolish to try and begin a new business venture without the proper amount of capital- in fact this is one of the biggest reasons new restaurants fail- not because people aren't coming in, but because the establishment can't get to it's break even fast enough. And, although it may not seem like it, raising a lot is no harder than raising a little! Our financial package will help you easily determine exactly what you will need, and how to structure the most favorable deal on the best terms.

Often, by combining financing sources, you can raise much more than you would expect. For example, in an acquisition deal, you can combine personal capital, plus a bank loan, plus equipment leasing, plus owner carry, plus vendor financing, plus investor money, plus broker commission deferment, plus existing cash flow into a workable deal to get you into a restaurant you thought was out of your price range. If you don't know how to do all that, and it sounds complicated, don't worry! Our information will show you how, and it's easy if you just go step by step.

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How long does the process take?

With the necessary information at hand, you can complete your entire restaurant plan package using our Restaurant Success Kit in as few as 8-10 hours. How so fast? Because we do all the heavy lifting for you, and give you step by step instructions on what to write and what numbers to enter. Our product does the rest. Now, if you don't have all the information needed to enter, we tell you exactly how to get it and where to go to find anything you don't have. And with that kind of help, gathering your info shouldn't take very long, either!

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Can I contact some of your past users?

When we first started we put the full names and the names of the restaurants our successful customers wrote in to tell us about on the website with their permission. What started happening though was they were getting calls, a lot of calls, from people who visited our site and wanted to talk to them about our software, starting a restaurant and some were even pestered for the names of investors or funds to start! Some of the contacted us to ask that their names be removed- understandably. Running a new restaurant doesn't give you the time to chat with several people a day about starting a restaurant.

So we no longer supply anyone's personal information. And if you decide to buy and become successful we certainly won't give out your personal information either! Just like not one of the other software products you will find on the market, even those which cost a lot more than ours, will supply you with the contact information of their customers.

We think that a one year money back guarantee should hopefully make people comfortable enough to order and assess the product for themselves. Beyond that, we can only suggest that if you are really not sure if you can afford the product or if you are that scared of not being able to get your money back in the event you aren't happy with what you get then this probably isn't the right thing for you to be doing anyway.

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Why shouldn't I just do it myself?

You certainly could just do it yourself. But a good question to ask yourself is what is the real cost of this? Suppose it takes you three months to complete a business plan and a financials package working on your own, about 10 hours a week (the national average). What is that time worth? Now, what about the cost of mistakes, and mis-steps, and the trial and error learning that happens any time someone does something for the first time?

Now compare that to the cost of using our Restaurant Success Kit:

When you put it that way, it starts to sound pretty attractive, huh!?!

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Why is this better than any of the other products available to help me start my restaurant?

So what makes the difference between us and our competition? The key difference is that their products are designed to build a business plan for any kind of business- ours is ONLY for restaurants. What that means for you is that there is nothing in our plan that doesn't belong, and everything in it that you do need. The competition leaves a lot of things for you to figure out if you need or not, and if you do, there is a lot of writing and financial work left to be figured out by you and customized by you in order to make it right for a restaurant plan.

They also ask you to create financials- ones that will be scrutinized by bankers- on your own, from scratch. They provide a base, but you must figure out how to build the financials into something workable for a restaurant. And some things you need for a restaurant- like precise food costing and seasonal and weekly sales volume adjustability, aren't really even possible with the financials they offer.

With our program, there are only small boxes to enter info into, and we tell you exactly what to put each step of the way. We know what you need because we know restaurants and all we do is restaurants. And we know the plans we create work, because they've been proven in the real world over and over. And that's why we stand behind (unlike any of our competition) our products with a 100% Money back Guarantee- because we know they will work for you, too.

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What do I get for my money and how much is it?

The current price of our Complete Restaurant Success Kit is $97.00. The Restaurant Financial Software only is $47. The Success Kit with the Consulting and Plan Review is $167. There is no shipping cost since the product is offered as a software download.

What you get is listed here and you can see a side by side product comparison chart here.

The reason we can offer our packages at such a good price (especially compared to our competitors!) is that we don't spend money on fancy packaging or expensive book binding. And we only sell direct through the Internet. So you get the best deal, and only pay for what really matters- RESULTS!

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What kind of software am I getting?

Our business plan creation tool is designed to work with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, although it will work with any word processing program available. The financials creation software is built on a Microsoft Excel platform, and requires Excel or OpenOffice to run.

Now you might ask why do we use other people's programs instead of creating our own software like some of the other business plan software companies? There are several good answers:

One is that their (MS Excel and Word) programs have already had literally millions of hours of use, and the bugs are all worked out for what we need them to do. So you are likely to have far fewer problems running the programs and getting them to work. In fact, they are probably already on your computer and working just fine. So you save time and headaches not crashing your computer with new software.

Another reason is that by not having to develop everything from scratch, we can offer our product at a better price because we need fewer programmers and support people. We can concentrate on the business side of what we are offering, and let others worry about developing the underlying code needed to make it all happen.

A third reason is that the Microsoft document and spreadsheet programs are much more powerful than anything you can get with a business plan product. So even though we make them super easy for you to use, we can make them extremely powerful and comprehensive behind the scenes by using someone else's tools to your benefit.

A fourth reason is that many people are familiar with these programs, so they can work much faster than if they have to learn a whole new program. If you're not, don't worry- we make it very easy for you. But if you are, then you can really fly, saving yourself more time and the hassle of learning something new you will only use once or twice.

Still want more reasons? How about these: Many, many people know these programs so you can get help from many sources. If you are a power user, you can really maximize the effort- more than with a stand-alone, limited function business plan software product. You can work on any computer that has these programs just by bringing a floppy disk with you, you don't need to load a special program on each new computer. You can switch back and forth between the financials program and the business plan program easily, and even be printing one and working on the other at the same time- which you can't with other products.

Many people don't understand at first why we don't create our own software from scratch like some of our competitors. But after some more thought based on our reasoning above, they agree with us that they can't understand why our competitors do!

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I don't plan to open a restaurant for many months yet- why should I order now?

There are several good reasons to order now, even if you aren't planning to open a restaurant for some time:

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What are the system requirements to run the program?

Any computer, MAC or PC, that will run either Microsoft Office or OpenOffice software will work just fine. If you don't have Microsoft Office, you can get productivity software for free and it will work perfectly well. Note- Microsoft Works will not work with this software.

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What are the ways I can pay for this? What about shipping?

The fastest and easiest way to pay is by using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover) on the web site to order the package of your choice. Alternatively you may send a cashier's check or money order to our regular post office address, found here. We will also accept personal checks, but they will be held until they clear before the product is delivered.

Shipping is not an issue since we provide the software via download. If you ever need a new copy due to loss of the data, just send us an email, and when we confirm your order we will send you a new download link.

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