Opening a Restaurant: Getting the Money You Need

Opening a Restaurant Can Be More Than a Dream

Lots of entrepreneurs have dreamed of opening a restaurant, but fewer have started down the path, and even fewer still have done it. Why is this?

For many, the problem begins with knowing where to turn first. There are lots of steps to take, and it seems like a challenging task. For most, the problem comes down to cash.

That is where we can help. Our expertise is helping new business owners get the money they need. The main way we do that is by helping them write a great business plan.

Why do You Need a Business Plan for Opening a Restaurant?

Writing a great business plan is the first step in getting your restaurant launched, and there are two reasons for that:

  1. To make sure you have a solid path for success;
  2. To raise the money that allows you to go down that path.

The first reason is very important, because if you aren't sure where you are going, how can you ever get there?

Writing a business plan helps you figure out both basic things, like what kind of restaurant you want, and more detailed things, like how much you should be paying per square foot on your lease.

The second reason is also very important, because very few of us have enough personal capital to launch a restaurant. And without the money, the rest is just wishful thinking.

A well prepared business plan is the key tool in raising the money required to turn the dream into a reality.

Writing a Plan for Opening a Restaurant Shouldn't Be That Hard

Most people think that writing a business plan is tough work; that it is full of boring business details they don't want to think about, and that it will take forever.

This used to be true- the average person takes over 3 months (100+ hours of working time!) just to write the plan part, when they do it on their own. And THEN they have to figure out all the financials!

But this is where our software can really help!

We've taken all the tedious work out of the job- all you have to do is fill in the blanks as we guide you through step by step.

And once you have the plan in hand, we help you raise the money you need by providing integrated SBA forms, and complete info on where to go and how to structure the best deal for yourself.

And we Guarantee our proven plan will raise the money you need, or it won't cost you a cent!

And the best part is:

Most people can complete our plan and financials and be ready to start raising money in less than 10 hours.

The Bottom Line on Opening a Restaurant

There is a lot to do to open a restaurant, but it all comes down to this- to start one right, and have a good chance of raising the money you need, you will have to create a solid, fundable business plan.

Our expertise, and our only job, is to help new business owners create these plans so that they can achieve these goals and be successful.

So, are you serious about getting the money to start a restaurant? Then...

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