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Know Who Your Restaurant Customers Will Be

A large part of obtaining your unique selling proposition and also the positioning of the restaurant correctly is understanding exactly who the clientele will be that you're hoping to appeal to. You do not just want to have a vague sense from the kinds of people who might wander in and try a bite to eat at your new restaurant or bar. What you need is a particular profile for every of the various kinds of individuals you expect to attract.

For example if you're opening a fine dining restaurant you instantly realize that only a certain demographic of individuals are going to be prepared to spend that kind of money eating out and for that reason you can do the research to see not only what percentage of those kinds of people there are but where they live. One of the mistakes that many new restaurant owners and inexperienced restaurant business plan writers make would be to assume that their food is going to be so good that everyone is a customer but this isn't the case.

Not everyone likes junk food not everyone likes Greek food not everybody likes tacos for lunch not everybody likes to eat out for breakfast and not every place is good for taking your children to and so on and so on. The more exotic or unique that you simply make your restaurant menu the smaller your potential audience is going to be which is fine if you know that there are an adequate amount of them to support the company.

One way to scope the profile of the people you expect to attract is to visit similar kinds of restaurants in the same vicinity as in places you expect to open yours and find out who is there and find out if you can determine where they're originating from. Are they mostly office workers coming from the surrounding commercial area? Could they be tourists coming from a nearby tourist attraction? Could they be locals are arriving because the place they're coming as close to where they live and never because they particularly care whether going?

You need to know who you expect to are available in and then you have to determine those people are actually open to close enough and interested enough in the future and patronize your restaurant for whatever concept or menu or idea you intend to create an offer. When the numbers don't support your idea either have to relocate restaurant or you need to change your idea.


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