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How to Pick A Name For Your New Restaurant

Picking a name for your restaurant may be something that comes especially easy and in fact may be something you have already done as part of your initial daydreaming about the idea of starting your own place.

As long as the name is catchy and not easily confused and fairly easy to spell and fits with the ambiance or theme or the menu that you are planning for the restaurant then by all means consider this part of your job are done.

You don't want a name that is hard to remember or spell or can be turned into a bad word or negative connotation easily or a negative play on words if you can avoid it. You also don't want to pick a name that doesn't fit with the image you are trying to build or the customers you plan to attract. People will give you pretty wide latitude with this but it still is possible to screw it up so don't settle on something until you are sure you've got a winner.

If you're not sure if the name fits those criteria than simply try it out on a handful of people, preferably strangers, and get their reaction by asking them what they think of the name in general and asking them what type of restaurant they would expect to find if they saw that name on a sign.

If the reactions are generally positive and along the lines of what you were hoping they would say that it sounds like you found a winner. If the reactions are generally negative you may still decide to stay with the name however assuming you're talking to people who would be your potential customers if most of them react negatively to the name you've chosen then it might be a good indication that you should rethink the idea of naming your business that name.

Why start off on the wrong foot at this early stage when you could still easily make changes? If you haven't come up with a name yet then by all now is the time to start thinking about a name. The simple fact of having a name makes the idea seem much more concrete and realistic when you're speaking with investors than simply calling the place my restaurant or my idea.

If you can't be bothered to come up with a name that it's not likely that you're going to seem very well established or credible in the eyes of the people who are actually going to be investing in you.

After all, if you don't have a name what are you going to put on the cover of the business plan for your restaurant?


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