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Starting a Restaurant- How to Fulfill the Dream

The dream of owning your own restaurant or bar is powerful and one shared by thousands of people just like you. Having a successful business can mean financial rewards far beyond what any job can provide along with all the other rewards that come with being your own boss.

The sky is really the limit, as you can grow it bigger, add more units, even turn it into a public company that becomes part of the national or international economy.

Every journey starts with a single step, however and the journey to owning your own first bar or restaurant is laid out in this guide for you. Isn't it time you got started!

You can do anything you want on your own by starting from scratch and learning the hard way. Eventually you will learn the tricks of the trade slowly through trial and error—assuming you don't run out of money or ambition before you get there.

There is an easy alternative, however. Why not short cut the process by learning it from someone who has helped thousands of others follow the same path? The reality is, you only get one chance to take someone else's money and try to turn it into a successful investment for you and them so it is best to do it right the first time and not let both parties get ruined by problems and mistakes that could easily have been avoided. This guide is the shortcut you've been looking for to get the money you need, quickly, to open the restaurant or bar you want.

You Will Never Save Enough Money on Your Own

It's not just about avoiding mistakes, however. There is another very good reason to use this technique of writing a restaurant business plan and then raising money to get your business launched.

Unless you already have the money yourself to open you a place you will not be able to do it by building up to it through saving money. This is not said to discourage you from saving but rather to show you that while saving the money is a very unrealistic method there are much better ways to achieve the same end.

Here's why saving doesn't work. Suppose you have a job where you are making $150K per year (which would put you in the top 5% of all income earners in the US!) and after taxes you take home $100K and of that amount you manage to live frugally and save $50K. You would be an amazing person to be able to save that much for one year, but realistically it will take you five years or longer to have enough to do most projects on your own. There are ways to do it for less, of course but then again few people make $150K per year and those who do may not want to put 100% of their savings into a restaurant or bar.

If you are reading this it is because you need to raise the money and the good news is anyone can do it and it won't take anywhere near five years and you won't need a six figure job to start. In fact, you can do this without investing a single cent of your own money.


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