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Financing the Opening of a Restaurant Business

Lots of people dream of starting their own restaurant, but very few people can do it with just the cash and assets they personally have available. A restaurant is not the kind of business you can start on a shoestring, or easily bootstrap you way into a bigger operation. As a result, the financing of a restaurant startup is often the most challenging aspect of getting started for any entrepreneur looking to get into this field.

The first step in any financing plan is to have a very well thought out restaurant business plan. You can't begin to finance a project of this magnitude without a very good understanding of what you are actually going to end up getting. Well, you can, but the results are almost always a disaster!

Equally, or maybe even more important in some cases, is a financial plan that shows you the exact cost you will incur to launch your restaurant, including not only the cost of getting to the point of opening the doors, but also the amount of additional capital required to keep the doors open until you reach the break even point- where the business generates enough cash to pay all its bills every month.

Once you have your plan and some carefully crafted financial projections in hand, you can begin evaluating your options for financing. The first place to always look is your own funds. Not only are these the easiest to get, but few other people are likely to put any money into your restaurant if they know that you yourself aren't investing in the business.

The next most likely place to look is friends and family. While there are pros and cons to taking money from these sources, statistically they are one of your best bets for raising startup cash.

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