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Our company is the result of extensive combined experience in the restaurant and startup consulting worlds. The people who have worked to create the Restaurant Success Kit you see here have been owners, managers, employees and founders of restaurants, and have written, consulted on and raised money with all manner of business plan projects.

RestaurantFunds.com is the result of a large amount of frustration over not being able to help the number of people who came seeking consulting help, and who clearly needed help, but who were unable to pay the regular fees of our consulting company, CapForge. The Restaurant Success Kit is a way to provide a huge helping hand at a very low cost to people with a sincere desire to succeed but who lack the knowledge and experience of the experts, who until now were out of reach.

RestaurantFunds.com is based in San Diego, CA, and spent six months developing it's product starting back in late 2001. A trial version was released for testing and evaluation, and then in May of 2002 the first version was sold.

The version now available, the sixth iteration, is the cumulative work of over ten years of testing, use, improvement and success. It is easily the finest restaurant specific package available online or off. We wish you every success in getting your restaurant started, and would love to hear your story.

RestaurantFunds.com is part of CapForge Software, which is in turn owned by CapForge, Inc., a San Diego based S-Corp. It's complicated, but only because our accountant made us do it!

We are very interested in providing a top quality product, and look forward to any comments or feedback you might have on our product or service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or comments you might have.

You can also find a ton of great information on our starting a restaurant blog, where you can also leave comments or ask questions.

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