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Learn how to plan, fund and open a restaurant- and then run it profitably.

Our Proven Restaurant Business Plan and
Complete Restaurant Plan Software Package

A restaurant business plan is the first step toward a successful restaurant- including getting the funds to open. Check out our simple plan writing process and complete software package to get done quickly and easily.

Biz Plans

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Restaurant Business Plans- Easy & Proven.

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Learn How to Start and Open a Restaurant From Scratch: Menus to Marketing and More

Starting a restaurant involves covering a million details. Find out more here about what you need to do and the best ways to get everything done without going crazy or losing track of where you're at in the process.


All the Details

Start a Restaurant From Scratch.

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Considering a Restaurant Franchise? Everything You Need to Know is Here

Opening a restaurant franchise involves lots of decisions- starting with which franchise to pick. Use our resources to narrow the choices and educate yourself about the process and how to do it right.


Find and Compare

Restaurant Franchise Options and Info.

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Buying a Restaurant for Sale Can Be Tricky- Learn How to Do It Right at the Right Price

Buying a restaurant for sale can mean instant cash flow and customers but it can also involve a lot of headaches and requires a good BS detector. Find out how to be a successful buyer and avoid getting burned.

Buy One

Doing the Deal

How to Buy a Restaurant For Sale.

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restaurant business plan software

Start your restaurant right with a solid, fundable restaurant business plan using all of our resources to help you create the perfect path to profitability and success.

We are the number one online resource for anyone aspiring to open a restaurant and run it right whether you are starting from scratch, opening a restaurant franchise or buying an existing restaurant for sale.

Join the over ten thousand people who have put our plan software and restaurant services to work or one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have turned to our blog, articles and resources for restaurant help and advice.

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More Starting a Restaurant Information:

The Starting a Restaurant Blog

Find hundreds of blog posts on every topic related to starting a restaurant and running it successfully.

Restaurant Marketing Blog

All of our restaurant marketing related posts gathered together in one place to help you keep your restaurant packed at all times.

Restaurant Articles

Find more of what you want to know about starting and running a restaurant

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Restaurant Services:

Restaurant Web Design

Every restaurant needs a website, period. See samples, get a quote, learn more, etc.

Restaurant Social Media Design

Get yourself on Facebook and Twitter and then keep up a regular conversation with your current customers and attract new customers.

Restaurant Logo Design

Get a great looking logo for your restaurant at a great price. Check out different styles, fonts, design ideas, etc.

Restaurant Business Plan Review

Have one of your experienced experts look over your plan for holes, gaps and problem areas you can fix before your present it to the money guys.

Restaurant Buyer Consulting

Need some help making sense of a restaurant for sale opportunity? Not sure what questions to ask or how to evaluate the books? Let us help.

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Restaurant Resources- Directories:

Restaurant Equipment Suppliers

Everything from A - Z listed by city and state for the US restaurant equipment suppliers.

Restaurant Design and Planning Firms

Find a specialist in your area for designing restaurant interiors from the ground up and for interior build outs.

Restaurant Contractors

Locate a contractor who specializes in and thoroughly understands the requirements for building out a restaurant in your area- including permits, codes, etc.

Restaurant POS System Buying Guide & Reviews

Your Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) System is a critical piece of technology for running your business by the numbers and making sure you have a good handle of what's coming in and where it's going out.

Restaurant Hood and Fire Systems Buying Guide

The hood is one of your bigger equipment investments and it also effects your location construction and planning- make sure you get this vital piece of gear right the first time.

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